Academic Success Program

The UNT Dallas College of Law Academic Success Program (ASP) is based on several core principles and aims at several main goals. The ASP is overseen by the Director, with consultation with and input from the Academic Success Team. The Director of the ASP is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Academic Success Team consists of: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Assistant Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Admissions, and two faculty members appointed by the Dean.


  1. Every student has the potential to successfully complete law school;
  2. Skills and activities traditionally associated with Academic Support programs should be integrated into the student’s experience from the beginning of their legal education and not exist merely as parallel resources;
  3. Because academics, bar readiness, and career planning (ABC) are all fundamental components of a law student’s preparation, they should be strategically incorporated into the educational paradigm and be considered part of the COL’s Academic Success Program; and
  4. The program should reflect strong cross-functional collaboration through all departments of the COL and will be evaluated by regular review and assessment.  


  1. To assist students in developing learning techniques and specific skills (such as close textual reading, synthesis, and analysis) that are important for success in the J.D. curriculum;
  2. To provide the students with clear direction and guidance as to resources available within and/or through the COL to assist in their educational experience;
  3. To assist students, as adult learners, in understanding their learning preferences, strengths, and challenges and in applying this understanding for academic and career success;
  4. To assist students in addressing particular learning and academic challenges;
  5. To assist in developing readiness for the Bar exam;
  6. To empower students with the tools to strengthen their career opportunities and professional development; and
  7. To assist students to develop patterns and habits of effective approaches to work that will be utilized in the practice of law.

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