Application Information

Before You Apply

All states require applicants to the bar to establish their character and fitness to practice law. All law school applicants should carefully review the character and fitness requirements for the state in which they intend to practice. Links to state bar examiners can be located at:

In your application to the UNT Dallas College of Law, you will be required to answer character and fitness questions that are similar to questions addressed in the bar licensing process.The application and its accompanying instructions include detailed information about these and other parts of the application process. 

Preview the Character and Fitness Questions in the UNT Dallas College of Law application.

International Applicants

We are not able to admit international or foreign students to the law school for fall 2018.  Please check with the Office of Admissions for information on when the law school will be eligible to accept international or foreign students.

Transfer and Visiting Applicants

College of Law is not accepting  transfer or visiting applicants for fall 2018. Please check with the Office of Admissions for information on whether the law school will be accepting transfer and visiting applicants for fall 2019.

Application Deadline

To strengthen your opportunity for admission, you should apply early. Applicant files are reviewed and admissions offers are made on a rolling basis. Thus, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all required documents as early as possible. APPLICATIONS FOR FALL 2018 ARE ACCEPTED SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2018. We enroll first-year students in the fall of each year.




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